Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New eNewsletter For Christian Homesteaders

For my homesteading friends, you may be interested in a new Christian homesteading eNewsletter that is now available for enjoyment. 

 Started by the creators of The Homesteading For Beginners DVD series, Homestead Community Post is a quarterly eNewsletter written by homesteaders for homesteaders. This first issue covers topics such as making garden signs, homesteading tips for beginners, marriage and forgiveness all from a Christian perspective. What I enjoy about this eNewsletter is that readers are encouraged to submit their stories. I'd highly encourage you to download it, pull out your comfy chair and browse through it. Wouldn't it be so neat to see your story in there next time?! :D 

*Note: While I have written for this eNewsletter, I don't receive any financial contribution for my writing and am spreading the word about it solely for your enjoyment and education. :)

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