Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Questions When Writing A Vision For Your Cottage Industry

Last time we discovered the advantages of having a written vision for our cottage industries. Writing down the vision God has given us encourages clear focus, reveals where best to invest our resources and provides a filter for choosing wisely when opportunities cross our path.

“Okay,” You're thinking, “I see the benefits, but how do I write vision for my cottage industry?” This post is for your question.

Step 1. Answer “Who is My Master?”

A constant temptation for entrepreneurs is to fall into mentality that since we work for ourselves, we are the boss. But if we belong to Jesus, than HE is our Master. So the foundational question for all our work must be what is God's vision for this cottage industry? How can our work be an expression of the mission our Savior bled and died for?

Step 2. Answer “Who Are Am I Burdened To Reach?”

What faces come to mind when you think about who would be blessed by your products or services? Children? Struggling musicians? Mothers searching for healthy alternatives for their families? “Go and teach all nations” is a command for every believer, but most of us are called to a particular group of people. Be as specific as you can. The more narrow your targeted group is the better you will be able to tailor your services to their need.

Step 3. Answer “How Will my Work Fill Their Need?”

In reality, people won't care about our product, unless it meets a need in their life. And folks have many layers of need. We may think our potential customer's need is a family milk cow, but in reality it's just the beginning. They have a need to know that cow is docile and won't kill their kids. They have a need to know she was raised humanely with quality feed and pasture. If they are believers, they have a need to connect with those of like-precious faith – however brief it may be. And if they aren't in the household of faith, then they have a great need for us to share Christ's salvation. The deeper your work meets their need, the more missionary you will see your services and the greater your God-given influence will penetrate their lives.

Step 4. Answer “What Are The Boundaries Of My Work?”

No matter how called of God your work is, it becomes an idol when it consumes your life. When we set our work hours, it's easy to work around the clock with no time for rest or to fulfill our roles as daughters, sisters, wives, mothers or friends. The freedom to choose when we work can be our springboard or downfall. So while we should work diligently, we also must remember temperance is a fruit of the Spirit and keep a godly balance.

Step 5. Answer “Where Do I Want To Be In The Next Five Years?”

The first time I heard this asked was on Dave Ramsey's talk show. This question is just as important for our work as it is for our finances. When you envision your cottage industry in five years what picture paints the pinnacle of success for you? While we can't predict where God might lead in five years (or in five minutes for that matter!), even a rough idea gives your plans a sense of purpose. Ships don't drift into the harbor and pilots need a destination in mind when they take flight.

As you can see, answering these questions requires deep thinking. Take your time. Acknowledge the Lord by seeking Him through prayer and His word. Then hold tight for Him to direct your vision. And as He makes it clear, write down what He gives you. 

“Where there is no vision, the people perish....”
Proverbs 29:18

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  1. Thank you for the advice. Great article!!!

    1. Aww, thanks for being such a faithful reader, dear sister!! :D