Tuesday, June 28, 2016

To Seek Out

When Christ came to earth, there was one mission that was especially close to His heart.

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The mission's rhythm beats steadily throughout all the gospels, but one line in Luke is like a closing cadence to Messiah's song:

"For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."
Luke 19:10

So if Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost, what does that say about where we - His followers, His disciples - should be? Do our lives, values, and actions tattle on us that we are seeking those who are lost?

Let's be clear: we know Christ is the only One Who can save  and no man comes to the Father, but through Him. But if Jesus declares one of the reasons He became flesh and dwelt among us was to seek and save, shouldn't that be our mission too? Or to fully bring it home....

Shouldn't that be my mission? 

My calling. My daily thought. My heart. Shouldn't my mind and spirit be so conformed to the image of Christ, that I'm actively seeking those who don't know Him? I'll admit, I'm far from living this out. But I'm also starting to see I'm wrong to think waiting in my church or home for the lost to come asking me if I know Jesus is the same as seeking them out.  It's more than that. It's a condition of the heart, of the spirit that is always seeking for the lost, just as my hunting-lovin' brother seeks the deer in our Ozark hills and meadows. It's a love that hurts us, that moves and that seeks; just like the love that hurt and moved and sent our Shepherd seeking us. I'm too new at this to know how one practically lives out this song of our Savior's heart, but I'm asking the Counselor to show me. Will you join me? Will you stop waiting and join the call to seek that which is lost?

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