Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Color of Conversation - Part Two

If an artist were to paint with your words, what pictures would he create?

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 Actually, we are all artists. Every day we draw, paint and sketch the forms, hues and image of our lives with the words we speak. The perfect Word of God says, “Consider your ways” Haggai 1:5. Much wisdom is gained in considering the color of our conversation in our lives, relationships and circumstances.

Part Two of our series about our words and circumstances. Click here if you missed Part One

How Our Words Paint Our Circumstances

If the canvas represents our lives, the people our relationships, then the landscape symbolizes our circumstances. Like an artist, we can't always control the form of the landscape of life. We live in a fallen world. Disasters, disease and the sins of others bring scars, storms and debris into the picture that may not have been of our own making. But no person - as no artist - is a victim of circumstances.

It is a breathtaking feat when an artist reproduces a majestic scene. It's even more glorious when he takes the ugly and unveils the beauty no one else can see. Awe is inspired when we see a cross become a crown.

How does this relate to the color of our words on our circumstances? While our words are not all powerful, they do reveal who we believe is. Our words reflect what we truly believe. “For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. Matthew 12:37
The Israelites weren't responsible for deserts being void of water but their murmuring painted an ugly reflection of their unbelieving hearts. In turn, their unbelief created rebellion which in turn resulted in even more painful circumstances.

But if we truly believe God loves us and desires to be strong on our behalf, our words will mirror that belief. “I believe, and therefore have I spoken...” 2 Corinthians 4:13
Everyday I have a choice: Will my words dwell on the ugly or on the One I believe? My Heavenly Father can turn my most throbbing thorn into my healing; my weakness a showcase for His strength. My God is ready to be strong on my behalf, transforming my desert landscape into a garden. But will my words speak of a garden when all I see is a desert? Will I still believe and therefore speak?

So as we consider our ways, what do the colors, order and focus of our conversation reveal about our hearts, relationships and circumstances? Are they faithful to the image of Christ or do they depict a misguided artist blinded by darkness? If the image reflects darkness rather than light, let us run to Him Who promises to wash both the heart and canvas clean. Then equipped by His model and colors, may we believe the truth and therefore speak.

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