About Honey Rock Hills

Thanks for checking into what Honey Rock Hills is all about! If you've read much here, you'll notice an oft-used term is "cottage trade". You might also be wondering what that means. Well, let me share my coined definition of this term:
Cottage Trade: An industry or work field that is carried out either in or from the home.
An income source that compliments a lifestyle where Christ is the center, family members and friends are co-labors; and the home is restored to the economic sphere is once held.

Courtesy of Faithwalk Photography

 In short, cottage trades are income sources that free a woman to work unto the Lord and disciple future generations at home. Cottage trades includes fields such as homesteading, photography, sewing, midwifery, writing, music, gardening, history, astronomy;  floral, graphic or card design and a host of other fields. However, the focus isn't the trade. The Focus is God's Son Jesus and His Word. My prayer is Honey Rock Hills will be an encouragement to keep your Focus Christ and work unto Him alone.

Courtesy of Faithwalk Photography
As an aside, this is true for sisters who have been placed by the Lord in traditional, eight-to-five jobs too. While I believe home is the most liberating and productive place for a Christian woman to work, some may be called to be a light in the corporate world for a season. If this is you, please know the encouragement is for you as much as it is for the damsel drying herbs in her kitchen. :)

While godly, cottage trade is the primary focus of this blog, if you are like me, you enjoy knowing a little more about a person then just a byline. :) I'm Kenzi. The joy of my life is walking alongside Jesus Christ – the Rock of my salvation – and learning how I can love and obey Him more each day! (Please click here for my salvation testimony) Between my family's home enterprises and my own, I have nearly 20 years experience in the cottage trade vein.  I'm also a homeschool graduate, writer, history lover, and ecstatic fan of homemade pumpkin pie topped with vanilla ice cream.


  1. Well done, my precious granddaughter! Your website is awesome! I am so proud of the beautiful, dedicated woman you are. Your Christ-centered life is definitely a model to young women. You have my love and prayers, Honey. Grammy

  2. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers, Grammy! All praise to Jesus! :) I'm so blessed to have such a supportive family and am grateful for how you have always cheered me on! :) :)

  3. Found you through your THSC arcticle on friendship!
    I enjoy "cottage trades" as well and I think I'm going to borrow that term.
    It's nice to find a fellow writer.

    1. Thank you for reading and your sweet comment, Anna! By all means feel free to use the term "cottage trade". :) You are a writer too?! How fun! What do you enjoy writing?